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Strong leadership is at the core of every effective and successful organization. Mariann Hyland’s experience as a senior leader allows her to coach other leaders in integrating policy and strategic direction while enhancing leadership skills. Hyland Solutions supports seasoned and emerging leaders at all levels: executives, management teams, team leaders, and board members. Services are tailored to meet your style, values, and objectives as you move toward becoming a thriving, equitable, and inclusive organization. 

Are you seeking to:

  • Strengthen performance, supervisory, and leadership skills.
  • Navigate through conflict, change, and/or crisis.
  • Manage risk in ways that promote growth and resilience.
  • Foster belonging, engagement, and teamwork among diverse team members.

“Growth involves applying and developing skills, techniques and strengths in the face of adversity, stress and trauma. Growth involves a person having the courage to get off the bench of familiarity and predictability.”

– Johnathan Aronoff


A leader’s role is to inspire, support, and empower people to advance a shared mission. We believe that leaders need to support team members to identify and express their unique strengths.

A strong leader embodies compassion for self and others, as well as a commitment to ongoing self-reflection, growth, and development. Excellence in leadership has always required the ability to take risks, and a mindset that sees mistakes as opportunities for innovation and growth. The last few years have brought new challenges: a pandemic; economic turmoil; and greater awareness of systematic racism. These developments highlight the importance of understanding how trauma impacts human behavior and performance, and how to lead with compassion, and courage as a trauma-informed leader. 

Heal Conflict. Repair Harm. Empower Transformation.

“Mariann Hyland brings the wisdom of a sage, the heart of a social worker and the precision of a lawyer to her work as a versatile leadership coach, who is stepped in cutting edge inclusion and equity

Dr. Yvette Alex Assensoh

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, University of Oregon

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